Using the Elexoma to treat autism

Does CES hold any benefit for treating autism?

Autism appears to be increasing with alarming speed in many Western countries. Its origins are still unknown, however, but it certainly has a very far-reaching effect on families. That much is certain. Symptoms can normally be detected in early childhood already – as children start to have relationship and communication problems with those around them, as well as putting language and abstract ideas to use.

CES offers a safe option to treat autistic children. It is a natural alternative, and non-invasive. During treatment, the child can carry on watching TV, reading, listening to music or any other such regular activity. Results are immediate, and can also accumulate over time. CES is beneficial for autism, by helping with:

  • Improving alertness,
  • Decreasing anxiety,
  • Dealing with tiredness.


It does wonders for the mood and has no serious side effects. Get in touch with us today to discover how the Elexoma can turn life around for your child.