Microcurrent and Productivity

Sit back and think quickly about what you did yesterday. Were you as productive as you had hoped? Yes? The answer is probably ‘no’. And, if you’re going to face facts, the reason for this poor performance was simply: distraction.

Distraction is sometimes ‘nobly’ dressed up as multitasking, which is a positive spin on saying everyone is doing a bunch of stuff all at the same time… badly. A million things, good and bad, make daily demands on our attention – keeping us from the business of WORK. The intrusions are so many, it’s amazing we get anything done at all.

Somehow, perversely (if we are willing to stare the truth down), we somehow enjoy these distractions. Lets take the average small business owner. Working for yourself is lonely business, and to keep that loneliness at bay, social media provides (inadequate) means of keeping that sense of isolation at bay. Many business owners struggle with depression, feeling anxious over whether they will make their targets by month-end and how they’re going to pay the bills.

If you take your worries and fears to your doctor, chances are good you will be prescribed something to stabilize your mood. The problem is, however, that medication very often takes away your ability to be decisive at work, or to even think straight. There go your chances of being promoted, or landing that big contract.

If your work is suffering because of how you feel, maybe it’s time to try something else? It’s backed up by a solid guarantee, and unlike medication, is not going to render you floppy and aimless. It will get your focus and drive back on track, faster than you can say ‘Employee of the Month’. It helps to:

  • Improve your mood
  • Help you focus under duress
  • Resolve your anxiety, from the word GO
  • Improve your problem-solving skills
  • Sharpen your memory
  • Eliminate anger eruptions
  • Promote good sleep
  • Clear up headaches.

For real? Totally. This device is used by business people, creatives, professionals and students – all getting the boost they need to do better.

Safe? This device doesn’t have one harmful side effect listed after decades of use and research. Even the FDA approves.

Risk? Absolutely none. For a full year, a money back guarantee applies, so if the device is not doing it for you, you can send it back and receive a refund.

It’s the Elexoma and its biggest benefit is that you will keep your focus, be less distracted¬† – improving your work prospects, helping your relationships run smoother. Get in touch with the Elexoma team today to order yours.