Is the Elexoma right for me?

Get your bounce back!

Will the Elexoma help me?

The Elexoma Medic uses microcurrent therapy to help your body and brain heal itself. Using the body's own voltage, low-level electric current applied via electrodes increases the energy available to cells, targeting them for repair. When applied to the brain, it brings balance - a relaxed, happy mood. When applied to the body, it promotes peak performance. All of this safely and naturally, with no severe complications.

The FDA has approved the Elexoma for the treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia as well as continuing pain. It is also used quite successfully to treat brain injury, attention deficit problems, anger and PTSD.



Elexoma benefits


CES 3x more beneficial than medication to turn depression around (as compared to fake treatment).


One study found more than 80% of participants reported improvement in anxiety symptoms after CES treatment.


Close to 70% success rate in one study that looked at the treatment of over 600 patients for sleep disorders, which included daytime alertness.


After only ONE CES therapy session of 20 minutes, a study reported an increase of over 90% in the endorphins found in the cerebrospinal fluid.