How long do I have to use the Elexoma?

The length of treatment with CES really depends on what you’re using it for. Generally, a recommended minimum of 15 minutes per day of treatment will bring the benefits you’re after. Sometimes an improvement can be noticed immediately. In other cases it can take 3-7 days for you to notice an effect.

As far as treatment sessions go, use the recommended pre-set time per program. If you feel you need to use the Elexoma for longer than these recommended times, then opt for multiple sessions in the day, rather than one long treatment. Instead of boosting cells continually (because they reach saturation level), give them a chance to use the extra energy effectively.

Exception: when using the Elexoma to study, use a low intensity (around 100 uAmp) for an hour or more. This helps you to concentrate and improves memory retention.