How CES helps the brain

CES raises the level of serotonin found in your cerebrospinal fluid, the clear liquid found in your spine and brain. Serotonin is what puts your brain in a ‘good mood’ – the more of it, the happier your brain. A study done on the effect of CES on serotonin in the CSF found over a 60% increase after just one 20 minute treatment. The effect is subliminal, not always picked up on – because we tend to explain away our experiences. Elexoma users are often heard saying, ‘I’m not sure if it’s the Elexoma, but I’m feeling really great since I started using it!’

And feeling great will last for a few days after only one treatment, the Elexoma is that potent. CES is greatly effective in lifting your mood and helping you cope with stress. It doesn’t squash your personality, or alter the situation you find yourself in, but does help with an extra little boost – sometimes all you really need to get through a really tough day.

The outstanding feature of CES, though, is that it has none of the unpleasant side-effects found with most anti-depressant medication