Dealing with headaches safely & naturally

Headaches come in a variety of painful forms, varying in their severity and duration and can present as:

  • General pressure in your temples, or just behind your eyes,
  • Stabbing sensation to the temples, almost like being hit in the head,
  • Severe or acute pain in the head, with accompanying symptoms such as vertigo, weakness, tiredness, nausea and pain in the neck or eyes,
  • Throbbing or pulsating sensations in the head or neck,
  • Tight, almost ring-like sensation around the head.

Whether headaches show up as cluster headaches, migraines or chronic headaches – the good news is you don’t need to reach for the meds just yet. CES holds huge benefits for headaches, both in preventing and treating them.


For occasional headaches that appear out of nowhere, use program 1 on the Elexoma Medic. If your headaches are more regular, take the preventative route and give yourself a daily treatment. Over a period of one to two months you will see a drop in the frequency, duration and severity of your headaches. Continuous treatment for a few months can eradicate your headaches altogether.


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