Confusing things in the manual

Are you still with me? Good. You are then probably one of those folks who actually read the User’s manual from cover to cover and inevitably phone me to ask two questions: “On pages 15 & 20 of the manual, it states that the red (positive) electrode must be placed on the right ear and the black (negative) electrode on the left ear. Is this correct?” Well, it doesn’t matter, since programme 1 is biphasic / alternating between positive and negative. So just ignore that please. Second question: “The manual (page 16) says I must replace the felt pads after EVERY treatment. Do I really have to?” No, that was intended for therapists, who treat many people with the same device. Only replace the white felt pads if they become contaminated or worn. Their chief purpose is for your comfort, nothing more.

That’s it for now. You should be able to get going now. MET electrode placements are set out on pages 19 to 33 of the User’s manual. Below, we describe various treatments for a range of afflictions.