Can CES fight stress?

Everybody knows that stress chases up your blood pressure, raising your chances of having a heart attack. In fact, the fight or flight response was meant to be your body’s positive way of responding to a threat. Adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones) are there to preserve your life. They prepare you for action: heart rate goes up, muscles are primed, blood pressure goes up, breathing speeds up – all to give you the boost of energy you need to react quickly, meet the threat with a speedy response.

The problem, however, is that persistent stress places a strain on your body, which is unable to tell the difference between something life-threatening or simply a deadline looming. The stress hormones meant to save your life are now tools to destroy it.

Before the situation reaches breaking point, get yourself an Elexoma Medic. It helps your body fight the effects of stress. With regular CES treatments, you will be able to get your symptoms under control within minutes. You will be able to calmly meet challenges, whether they be tests, new clients, sudden crises, demands from your boss, hostility or conflict in the workplace. Your renewed focus, energy and drive will enable you to make better decisions and life can be brought back to balance once more.